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Create an Organized Home Office


woman-in-organized-home-office-300x199An organized home office is a key to your success! Whether it’s an entire room or a corner of your kitchen, a home office is more than just an office – it’s the command center of your home and life, and maybe even business. It might be home base for everything from bill paying to party planning to conference calls and more. And whether you’re working on organizing an existing home office or you’re creating a newly organized home office, this is the perfect time to make sure you use the right space and set it up for success. Let’s talk about a few keys to success when creating an organized home office.

First, you need to define and dedicate some space for your office. This may be dictated by what space you have available – it could be small, such as a mobile filing cart or you might have a whole room to work with. Whatever the case, don’t fight natural tendencies – try to set up your office where mail, paperwork and other important items already tend to accumulate.

Next, take a few minutes to list out what functions your office needs to support. Having this list will make it much easier to figure out what you need in the space and what you don’t.

Knowing what you are trying to accomplish in your office will help you corral the supplies you need – think supplies for opening and processing mail and school papers, paying bills, making new files, and anything else you need to routinely do in your home office.

If you’re dealing with a big paper mess, such as piles all over your desk, it can help to kick-start your process with a quick sort. First, gather all your surface paperwork into a box (or boxes). Then do a quick sort by looking at each paper and sorting it into 1 of 3 categories – To Do, To File, or To Toss. Your Toss pile might be a mix of things that can be recycled and things that should be shredded. Once you have tossed your Toss pile, you’ll just be left with 2 piles – papers you want to keep but don’t need to take action on, and those that require some sort of action. This quick sort strategy allows you to start taking action on top priority paperwork, as you work on setting up an improved filing system without worrying that pressing action items are buried in a pile somewhere.

After you’ve calmed that chaos, it’s time to set up simple systems for incoming paper, projects and more – do what works for you and your family, and don’t make it more complicated than it needs to be!

You’ll also need to make time to practice your new routines – it takes time to create tried and true habits, but it’s well worth it!

Want to learn more? Download our e-Course, Down to Business, Make your Home Office Work for You. You will learn a step by step process to create an organized home office!

Certified Professional Organizer®, Sarah Buckwalter has over 15 years of experience running Organizing Boston, the 2014 winner of Best of Boston Home™, Best Professional Organizer. Highly regarded and nationally recognized as an industry expert, Sarah shares her knowledge and experience through her speaking, coaching and training programs at

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Go Paperless with Neat Scanners


connect-right-610pxDo you dream of going paperless? Dream no more! With the right tools, going paperless can be [relatively] painless! So how do you get from piles to organized digital files? We recommend Neat scanners and organizing software. With three levels of scanners and super smart organizing software, Neat scanners can make your paper files and piles a distant memory. The downside? You might have to sell your filing cabinets on Craigslist! :)

Neat scanners are fast and easy to use – you can scan piles of receipts, business cards and papers in a flash. Once scanned, Neat automatically extracts key information from your papers, such as vendors and totals from receipts. The desktop software, which comes with all three levels of scanners, allows you to organize your receipts and papers into folders that make sense for you or your business. Neat Cloud service offers secure cloud storage, automatic syncing, and the ability to access your information anywhere from any device.

Neat also prides itself on being your one-stop solution for information storage – you can save and organize e-receipts, electronic invoices, and other digital documents. And because it’s highly searchable, you can find what you need quickly even if don’t have it all perfectly organized – you can’t say that about your filing cabinets and desktop piles!

Excited to go paperless but overwhelmed by a backlog of piles and files? Neat offers bulk scanning services for Premium and Business accounts to get you caught up quickly. If you’re doing it yourself, we recommend starting with your current paperwork and getting a system going for incoming information, then working on the backlog bit by bit. You may find you don’t need to scan all of your old paper anyway – check with your financial or legal adviser if you’re not sure.

Whether you run a business or a household, going paperless with Neat scanners are an effective and easy way to streamline your office and your workflow. What’s even better, Neat scanners are on sale! Happy scanning!

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Getting Organized in 2015!

getting organized in 2015

Do you dream of getting organized in 2015? What about your other 2015 New Year’s Resolutions? Even if getting organized in 2015 is not on your resolution list, getting organized can be the first steps to help you with all of your New Year’s resolutions! Getting organized will free up the time and energy you need to tackle the other things on your list. Getting organized means more time to spend with your family, more energy to exercise, maybe even more money to do all the things you’ve dreamed of!

So, whatever your 2015  New Year’s resolution; the first step is getting organized. And getting organized is easy with our no-fail, 5 step process to organize anything – Manage Your STUFF! When it comes to organizing, it can be hard to know where to start and easy to get overwhelmed. But with the five steps to guide you, you’ll always know what to do next. This will help you feel in control of your organizing projects and goals. So, if you’re ready to take control of your STUFF, read on…

What is STUFF? STUFF is the easy-to-remember acronym for our 5 step process to organize anything! Let’s summarize the 5 steps.

    • Sort – Sort your stuff into like categories
    • Toss – Decide what to do with each item: Keep, Sell, Donate, Toss
    • Unify – Assign the keepers to their new homes by zone
    • Fill – Find and fill containers for each group of items or activity
    • Follow Up – Commit to a regular maintenance schedule

So remember: Sort, Toss, Unify, Fill and Follow Up – these are the steps that will get you from where you are to where you want to be!

Now let’s get into more detail.

Step 1: Sort
Here is where you want to give it some thought. Think about how you use the item and where you will most easily find it again. It’s all about what makes sense to you. Keep it simple by choosing broad categories such as office supplies, toys, and sporting goods. Avoid miscellaneous categories, which allow you to postpone decisions.

Step 2: Toss
Start with the obvious. The simplest way to begin is to do a sweep of your house and collect items that are obvious trash. Take a recycling bin and garbage bag and collect things such as expired coupons, holiday catalogs, magazines, and old newspapers. This is an easy task that will give you an immediate sense of accomplishment. Once you’ve found some motivation, move to the next level and start collecting items to donate or sell.

Tip: Find a reason to let it go. If you’re feeling guilty about getting rid of things, then do something good with them. Make some money by selling your items online or through consignment. Or, donate them to your favorite charity and take a tax deduction.

Step 3: Unify
Clutter usually accumulates because items have no home. So, make a home for everything. Create zones that make sense. Look at where clutter collects and set up ways to organize it. Place a bowl or basket where mail and keys tend to fall. Can’t make it to the coat closet? Put up hooks where you tend to throw your jacket.

Step 4: Fill
Now that you’ve sorted items into categories, it should be easy to find the right size containers for everything. Choose containers that are large enough for the items they are storing, but that also fit the space where they are being stored.

Step 5: Follow Up
Once you have systems in place, take just a few minutes each day to maintain them and you’ll never have to worry about clutter piling up again. Follow these rules to keep your clutter in check: Clean up as you go. File, Don’t Pile. Follow the “One in, One Out” rule

Let’s face it, life is busy, and organizing projects can often lag behind other seemingly more pressing priorities. Be sure to schedule time for your organizing projects, just like any other appointment or priority, so that you can reach your goals and feel the benefits of a more organized life.

If you’d like to learn more about our STUFF process, take our Manage Your STUFF – Five Steps to Organize Anything e-course! You’ll learn even more tips and tricks! We’ll also provide you with real-world examples, so you’ll really know how to tackle your STUFF!

Here’s to a Happy and Organized 2015!

Certified Professional Organizer®, Sarah Buckwalter has over 15 years of experience running Organizing Boston, the 2014 winner of Best of Boston Home™, Best Professional Organizer. Highly regarded and nationally recognized as an industry expert, Sarah shares her knowledge and experience through her speaking, coaching and training programs at



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Get Organized in 2015

get organized in 2015

Is your new year’s resolution to get organized in 2015? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Here at Organizing Boston, we will be filling our organizing blog and social media with organizing tips, tricks and solutions to help you get organized once and for all this year! So, connect with us, stay tuned…and remember, you can do it! Happy New Year!

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Free Holiday Help Webinar

free holiday help webinar

free holiday help webinarThe holidays are such a mixed blessing…there’s all the family time, good food, honoring old traditions and making new ones.  And then there’s all the preparations and stress.  If you’re like us, by the middle of the month you’re ready to pull your hair out…and the idea of egg nog seems more tempting than ever.  Fear not for behold, we have a solution!  Spend an hour with us on December 18th at 1:00 pm ET to attend our last-minute free holiday help webinar: “Brilliantly Smooth Holidays – Keeping your Home AND Your Head!”


This moderated panel discussion, hosted by Susan Wenner-Jackson, founder of the popular blog Working Moms Against Guilt, will explore ways to help you pull off the holidays brilliantly, while maintaining your sanity!  Get great advice and last-minute tips from renowned cooking, decorating, entertaining and home-making experts to help make this holiday season smoother and more enjoyable, with less stress.  So grab a fresh cup of coffee or tea, close the door to your office, put on your phone head set, and get some great advice to help you hold it together while holding forth through the holidays!  Here’s an idea of what you’ll learn during this lunch-hour webinar.

Cleaning & House Prep Tips for Entertaining: Marie Stegner, Consumer Health Advocate for Maid Brigade, shares healthy and affordable cleaning, organizing and decorating.

Festive Food:  Kerry Dunnington, Culinary Consultant, Caterer, Food Author gives us tips and exciting ideas for holiday dining.

Balancing It All:  Liz O’donnell, Work/Life Balance expert, Author, Blogger and Huffington Post Writer helps us enjoy merriment not meltdowns.

Organizing Holiday Gear:  Sarah Buckwalter, Certified Professional Organizer and Founder of Organizing Boston and Organizing U, tells us how to tame our string lights, curly ribbon, wrapping tissue and more.

So don’t let your guest lists, grocery lists, and general To Do lists get the better of you this holiday season.  Mark your calendar and relax knowing help is on the way!


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A Little Organization Can Help You Achieve Holiday Zen

holiday zen


The holidays are just around the corner and before long the endless parade of dinner parties, family celebrations and gatherings with friends will be underway.

While the holiday season is supposed to be a fun and festive time, it can quickly become stressful for those trying to get their homes organized and ready to receive guests. Thankfully, Sarah Buckwalter, founder and owner of Organizing Boston, can offer some help.

Buckwalter said that the first thing she always tells clients is to declutter their homes before they get down to cleaning.

“Things build up over the summer,” she said. “The first step is to declutter and weed out things.”

It’s important to go through some of the things that have accumulated over the year before the holidays, especially because of the new items and gifts that may be coming in, Buckwalter said.

The timing of the holidays coincides well with the changing of seasons, which Buckwalter said is a perfect time to go through clothing. Plus, going through clothing will allow you to see what pieces of clothing are already on hand and what items you may need to add to your closet so you’re not dashing out at the last minute to find the perfect outfit for a party, she said.

“Have a couple of go-to items, a couple of key pieces to make it easy,” she said.

In addition to clothing, going through what you already own for decor is also important so that you don’t end up with duplicates once the holiday displays of wrapping paper and decorations roll out.

“Take inventory, take a look at what’s in the bins,” she said. “Chances are you already have that and don’t need it.”

Once you’ve weeded through things, Buckwalter suggests hiring a cleaner to come in and do some of the deep cleaning before the parade of guests begins.

“Just to have someone else do the deep cleaning is such a stress reliever,” she said.

Though getting organized is the first step, keeping things that way throughout the entire holiday season will require a little bit of extra effort.

Again, decluttering is key, Buckwalter said, as is having a special spot that you can easily store and access things that you’ll need consistently throughout the season, such as china and special cooking devices for holiday meal preparation.

“Having a place for everything is very important,” she said. “Your kitchen is probably already full with everyday stuff.”

Buckwalter said that the space can be anything from a hutch to a closet or a drawer.

“As long as it’s protected, it doesn’t need to be fancy,” she said.

Schedule organization

Though decluttering and cleaning gathering spaces is important, staying organized during the holiday season also applies to schedules, Buckwalter said.

One of the keys is looking to the future and planning ahead, Buckwalter said. Realizing that you won’t be able to hit every party and accept every invitation is important when trying to keep your schedule organized during the holiday season.

“Look ahead and see what you can realistically do,” Buckwalter said.

Additionally, Buckwalter suggests creating a holiday planner, a space where you can store coupons, menus, recipe ideas, gift lists and more.

“Create a holiday planner and carry it with you everywhere,” she said. “Having a notebook is really helpful.”

The idea is to have it be small enough to carry with you everywhere so that you’re able to constantly keep on top of everything you need to do or check on what you need for a gift or a recipe while you’re out running errands.

Though Buckwalter said a binder or small notebook would suffice, she said there are also plenty of list-making apps on the market that would be able to digitally store the same information.

“Having a notebook or electronically, whatever works better,” she said.

Click here for the full article.

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Holiday Organizing Tips

holiday organizing tips

holiday organizing tipsWait, what?…what do you mean it’s almost Thanksgiving!? Yes, the holidays have sneaked up on us again. Ready or not, here they are.

But, have no fear! We’ve put together eight simple holiday organizing tips so that you can do the holidays right this year!

With a little planning and organization, you’ll save a lot of time and energy. Imagine being able to relax and enjoy the holidays for a change. Of course, this depends on how long your in-laws are staying with you. :-)

We hope these tips will help you get organized and holiday-ready!


Tip #1: De-clutter.
Take time to sort through and get rid of items you no longer want or need. This will help make room for the influx of new items you’re bound to receive over the holidays. This is especially important for those of you with children.

Tip #2: Create a holiday planner.
Use a basic multi-subject notebook. Create sections for gift lists, holiday card lists, menu planning, decorating, coupons, etc. Bring it with you everywhere, so you can always reference it or add to it. If you’re tech-savvy, go digital with your lists and planning. Rest-assured, there’s an app for that.

Tip #3: Take inventory.
Dig through those piles of wrapping paper, decorations, lights and cards to see what you have on hand. Make a list of things that you need to buy or replace.

Tip #4: Do a wardrobe check.
Make sure you have the perfect party outfit. Stock up on a few key pieces that can be mixed and matched.

Tip #5: Buy in bulk.
If you are attending several holiday parties or have a long list, pick up a case of wine or chocolates. This way you’ll always have something for that last-minute invitation or forgotten gift.

Tip #6: Secret Snowman.
If you have a large family, suggest picking names from a hat, so that each person only has to buy one gift.

Tip #7: Make a list.
Make a list of the extra people you buy for: children’s teachers, coworkers and bosses, letter carriers, neighbors. Carry it around in your wallet for the few weeks before Christmas to avoid last-minute scrambling.

Tip #8: Plan your holiday menu ahead of time.
Try to find recipes that can be made in advance and just re-heated. This will allow more time to spend enjoying the party instead of in the kitchen.  


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Clutter Free Gift Ideas


Clutter-Free-Gift-IdeasNo need to worry about creating more clutter this holiday season. Our friends at Getting Organized Magazine have put together a great list of clutter-free gift ideas.

There is something for everyone on this list! And yes, Professional Organizing Services is one of them…Now that’s a truly clutter-free gift!

Download the list here. Happy shopping!


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Organizing Product Pick: Elfa


elfaThis week we have been talking about closets and clothing and to go along with this, we want to tell you about our most favorite organizing product: elfa solutions from the Container Store. Not only is elfa the Container Store’s best-selling product – it’s the product we use more than anything else in our organizing work.

Elfa solutions are customizable shelving, drawer and storage solutions that you can use in any space of your home and office. They’re not just for closets! Elfa allows you to organize any space in your home and office. Elfa is extremely versatile!

Elfa comes in a variety of colors and finishes. You can choose from wire, wood, or wood trim and really customize it to fit your space and style.

Why do we love elfa?

  • You get a free custom design of your space
  • You can use it anywhere – closets, kitchens, basements, garages
  • It looks great
  • It is sturdy and high quality – not like other ventilated shelving that we won’t mention by name…
  • You can move it around and switch out components if your needs change (or if you get more stuff!)

Here are some of the fun things we’ve done with elfa:

  • We transformed an empty foyer into a homework room for two kids, including desks, shelving, drawers and a place for coats and backpacks.
  • We turned a small spare room into a dream walk-in closet using freestanding elfa.
  • We created a storage solution for a basement toy room.
  • We maximized space in a small kitchen pantry using an elfa wall rack.
  • We created a shoe closet out of a closet that was not deep enough for hanging items.
  • We tricked out a linen closet complete with shelves and drawers for bulk items.
  • We created a functional home office with elfa desk components.
  • And I personally have elfa in my own closets and garage as well!

And, even better, elfa is on sale right now! Visit the Container Store and learn more about this amazing organizing product!

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Clever Closet Decluttering Tips

clever clothing decluttering tricks

clever clothing decluttering tricksIn our last post about decluttering closets and clothing, we suggested six questions you can use to help you decide what should stay and what should go when it comes to weeding out your closet:

  1. 1. Do I need it, do I wear it, do I love it?
    2. Do I have more than I need?
    3. Have I worn it in the past year?
    4. Do I have something better or could I get something better?
    5. Does it have a hole or stain?
    6. Does it fit me now?
    7. Could I do something positive with it?

But what if you’re still having trouble letting go of clothes, even though your answers to these questions would suggest you give ‘em up? Sometimes you just need a clever little trick to help you with an honest wardrobe review. Here are a few clever clothing decluttering tricks to help you let go of the clothing you no longer need, use or love.

  • The “Backwards Hanger” Trick – Hang all of the clothes in your closet the “wrong” way, so that you are hooking the hangers from the back of the rod. If you wear it, hang the item back up the right way. Anything still left on a backwards hanger at the end of the season should be donated or consigned.
  • Assign an Expiration Date – If you’re having trouble deciding whether to let something go, give it an expiration date (anywhere from a month to 6 months) – literally write the expiration date on a colored dot sticker, stick it to the clothing item and move on. If you haven’t worn the item by the expiration date, let it go.
  • Stow the “Maybes” – Similar to the expiration date trick, pack all your maybe clothing in a box and put an expiration date on the box. If you haven’t been tempted to get any of the clothes out by the expiration date, go ahead and donate the whole box.
  • Give the Underdogs a Chance – We all know that we tend to wear a few favorite articles of clothing all the time. Give your other clothes some love and make a game out of trying to wear your underdogs instead of just your favorites. You will find some new favorites or some major “oh, that’s why I never wear this” clothing that you’ve been holding on to – you won’t know until you try. This trick pairs really well with the backwards hanger trick.
  • Pack Your Bags – Another great trick is to pretend pack for a week or two long trip. What would you take with you? This gives you a chance to put together your best and most versatile outfits and pieces of clothing. Now take a look at what’s left behind – if you didn’t want to pack it, why? And why are you holding onto it if it didn’t make the travel cut? This will help you get rid of clothing you may be holding onto for no reason.

You can try some or all of these clever clothing decluttering tricks and see which ones work best for you. You’ll free up space in your closet for the clothes you really wear and love!


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