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Let's get Moving! Step 1: Decluttering
by Sarah Buckwalter - 05-12-2015
Did you know that moving is one of the most stressful events in life? This stress can be eased with careful planning. In our Let's Get Moving! blog series, we are going to offer tips and tricks to help you get through the entire moving process. Follow these steps and you'll be moving with ease... Let's Get Moving! Step 1: Decluttering The ver... Continue reading


Set the Stage to Sell Your Home
by Sarah Buckwalter - 05-08-2015
Fact: A staged home sells faster than a non-staged home. If you want to sell your home faster and for more money, you'll want to set the stage to sell your home. Having a home that shows well gives you a huge advantage over homes that are cluttered and disorganized. Home staging allows the prospective buyer to see the opportunity within a home s... Continue reading


Organizing Kitchen Clutter Spots
by Sarah Buckwalter - 04-02-2015
If you feel like you’re fighting a losing battle when it comes to organizing kitchen clutter spots, you’re not alone! And there’s good reason for it too – the kitchen is one of the most frequently used spaces in your home and has the huge responsibility of housing everything you need to prepare, store and eat your meals. Many kitchens also ... Continue reading


Kitchen Pantry Organizing Makeover
by Sarah Buckwalter - 03-24-2015
Before we started our kitchen pantry organizing makeover, this kitchen pantry was cluttered with bulky items and inefficient storage. But with a little time, effort, and great new storage, it is now a functional home for this family’s kitchen pantry essentials. The first step in this kitchen pantry organizing makeover was to sort through each ... Continue reading


Kitchen Organizing in Small Steps
by Sarah Buckwalter - 03-19-2015
A kitchen is more than just a room. It’s the heart of your home, your command central, a place for family and friends to meet, but sometimes it can become a dumping ground. Because this room is such a busy multi-tasker in your home, kitchen organizing can be a daunting and downright overwhelming task. But you don’t have to have an entire weeke... Continue reading


Home Office Makeover
by Sarah Buckwalter - 03-05-2015
This cluttered space was in desperate need of a home office makeover! You might even say it seemed hopeless. But when it comes to organizing, no space or situation is hopeless! All you need is some time, effort and a plan. To achieve this home office makeover, we dove in and tackled one bag, box and pile at a time. The first step in any organizi... Continue reading


Making Your Donations Count at Tax Time
by Sarah Buckwalter - 03-03-2015
Getting into the habit of making donations of your gently used clothing and household goods is a great way to keep your space clutter free! But beyond keeping your space in check, making donations has other benefits, including keeping usable items out of landfills, providing items to organizations who can do some good with them, and of course getti... Continue reading


Create an Organized Home Office
by Sarah Buckwalter - 02-26-2015
An organized home office is a key to your success! Whether it’s an entire room or a corner of your kitchen, a home office is more than just an office – it’s the command center of your home and life, and maybe even business. It might be home base for everything from bill paying to party planning to conference calls and more. And whether you’... Continue reading


Go Paperless with Neat Scanners
by Sarah Buckwalter - 02-20-2015
Do you dream of going paperless? Dream no more! With the right tools, going paperless can be [relatively] painless! So how do you get from piles to organized digital files? We recommend Neat scanners and organizing software. With three levels of scanners and super smart organizing software, Neat scanners can make your paper files and piles a di... Continue reading


Getting Organized in 2015!
by Sarah Buckwalter - 01-16-2015
Do you dream of getting organized in 2015? What about your other 2015 New Year's Resolutions? Even if getting organized in 2015 is not on your resolution list, getting organized can be the first steps to help you with all of your New Year's resolutions! Getting organized will free up the time and energy you need to tackle the other things on your l... Continue reading


Get Organized in 2015
by Sarah Buckwalter - 12-28-2014
Is your new year's resolution to get organized in 2015? Well, you've come to the right place! Here at Organizing Boston, we will be filling our organizing blog and social media with organizing tips, tricks and solutions to help you get organized once and for all this year! So, connect with us, stay tuned...and remember, you can do it! Happy New Yea... Continue reading


Free Holiday Help Webinar
by Sarah Buckwalter - 12-17-2014
The holidays are such a mixed blessing…there’s all the family time, good food, honoring old traditions and making new ones.  And then there’s all the preparations and stress.  If you’re like us, by the middle of the month you’re ready to pull your hair out…and the idea of egg nog seems more tempting than ever.  Fear not for behold, w... Continue reading


A Little Organization Can Help You Achieve Holiday Zen
by Sarah Buckwalter - 12-05-2014
BY PAIGE ALLEN  - SUN CHRONICLE STAFF. The holidays are just around the corner and before long the endless parade of dinner parties, family celebrations and gatherings with friends will be underway. While the holiday season is supposed to be a fun and festive time, it can quickly become stressful for those trying to get their homes organized... Continue reading


Holiday Organizing Tips
by Sarah Buckwalter - 11-21-2014
Wait, what?...what do you mean it's almost Thanksgiving!? Yes, the holidays have sneaked up on us again. Ready or not, here they are. But, have no fear! We've put together eight simple holiday organizing tips so that you can do the holidays right this year! With a little planning and organization, you'll save a lot of time and energy. Imagi... Continue reading


Clutter Free Gift Ideas
by Sarah Buckwalter - 11-19-2014
No need to worry about creating more clutter this holiday season. Our friends at Getting Organized Magazine have put together a great list of clutter-free gift ideas. There is something for everyone on this list! And yes, Professional Organizing Services is one of them...Now that's a truly clutter-free gift! Download the list here. Happy sho... Continue reading


Organizing Product Pick: Elfa
by Sarah Buckwalter - 09-11-2014
This week we have been talking about closets and clothing and to go along with this, we want to tell you about our most favorite organizing product: elfa solutions from the Container Store. Not only is elfa the Container Store's best-selling product - it's the product we use more than anything else in our organizing work. Elfa solutions are cust... Continue reading


Clever Closet Decluttering Tips
by Sarah Buckwalter - 09-10-2014
In our last post about decluttering closets and clothing, we suggested six questions you can use to help you decide what should stay and what should go when it comes to weeding out your closet: 1. Do I need it, do I wear it, do I love it? 2. Do I have more than I need? 3. Have I worn it in the past year? 4. Do I have something better or coul... Continue reading


Clothing Consignment Tips
by Sarah Buckwalter - 09-09-2014
We all are guilty of buying clothing that we "will fit into someday" or "will have the occasion to wear someday". These particular articles of clothing seem to be the ones that are hardest to let go of. After all, we paid good money for it and never, or hardly ever wore it! And maybe, just maybe, we might fit into it, or have the occasion to wear i... Continue reading


Organizing Success Story - Boston School Teacher Office
by Sarah Buckwalter - 09-04-2014
Over the summer, the Organizing Boston team was called into a Boston school to help organize their teachers' shared office space. 15 school teachers shared a large, open office space. Desks were piled with paper, book shelves were falling apart, the walls were painted an awful, bright yellow. The room was "a disaster zone", as one teacher put it.... Continue reading


Be Prepared for Back to School!
by Sarah Buckwalter - 09-02-2014
This year, be prepared for the last minute project and homework panics by keeping a well-stocked school supplies emergency kit. This kit should contain school supplies your child might lose or run out of on a regular basis as well as the items that are usually needed for special projects. Depending on your kids' ages, your kit might contain basi... Continue reading


Product Pick: Brother Labeler
by Sarah Buckwalter - 08-28-2014
Our product pick this week is the Brother Personal Labeler. We have been using these for years now and find them to be the best labeler out there. Why? Well, here are our favorite features: - Lightweight - takes AAA batteries instead of AA - Doesn't print a lot of extra tape with your label - which is a waste of $! - And speaking of label tap... Continue reading


Five Tips for Back to School Success!
by Sarah Buckwalter - 08-27-2014
Here are five back to school organizing tips to help you get a handle on things before the homework starts piling up. Hint: For a smooth transition, make sure the whole family is on board. Kids are full of ideas, so let them to participate in the organizing plan. 1. Smooth Landings - Create a landing zone with hooks for backpacks and jacke... Continue reading


Destination Organization
by Sarah Buckwalter - 08-20-2014
No doubt about it – organizing and decluttering have become household words – you say them and pretty much everybody knows what you’re talking about. But that doesn’t mean that everyone’s definition of “organized” is or should be the same. We all know that it’s easier to get somewhere when you know where you’re headed. So whether ... Continue reading


6 Strategies for a Kid-Friendly, Organized Home
by Sarah Buckwalter - 07-22-2014
If you have kids, staying organized at home probably feels somewhere between an absolute necessity and utterly impossible. Ok, let’s not kid ourselves, most days we’re probably leaning toward the utterly impossible side of that equation. But don’t give up just yet, every bit of organizing effort you put into your family’s home will go a lon... Continue reading


Set Up Your Home Office for Success
by Sarah Buckwalter - 07-16-2014
A home office, whether it’s an entire room or a corner of your kitchen, is more than just an office – it’s the command center of your home and life, and maybe even business. It might be home base for everything from bill paying to party planning to conference calls and more. And whether you’re working on weeding out an existing home office ... Continue reading


Closet Questions
by Sarah Buckwalter - 06-25-2014
Unless you have limitless closet space or never get new clothes, weeding out your closet is a fact of life. It helps make room for new purchases, keeps your wardrobe current and helps prevent closet chaos. But it can be so hard to part with clothes, even those you don’t wear. If you find that you have trouble letting go of clothes and are always ... Continue reading


What is your "Why"?
by Sarah Buckwalter - 06-19-2014
So there’s no doubt about it – getting organized has reached ‘hot topic’ status in our culture. Pick up a magazine, turn on the TV or surf the web and it’s clear that simplifying and organizing are right up there with weight loss and stress reduction in terms of popularity. But just like any other major behavioral change, you have to want... Continue reading


From Paper Madness to Paper Management in Six Easy Steps
by Sarah Buckwalter - 03-26-2014
Most of us are drowning in paper these days. It doesn’t seem to stop - mail, school papers, magazines, and more. If you don’t have a good way to manage it, it will just keep piling up. To keep a handle on your papers, you need a good paper management system. A what?! Have no fear, here are six steps to set you up for paper management success: ... Continue reading


6 Steps to Stay on Top of Your Taxes
by Sarah Buckwalter - 03-12-2014
Getting prepared to do your taxes can be overwhelming, especially if you haven't been all that organized about keeping track of your tax-related documents throughout the year. Not only do you need to keep track of tax forms you get in the mail (or on-line), but also receipts for tax-related expenses and donations, and it can also be very helpful to... Continue reading


3 Tips for Organized Packing
by Sarah Buckwalter - 02-26-2014
I will admit that packing for a trip is one of my least favorite things to do. A little strange as it seems like it would be one of those things that organized people love to do – well, not this mostly organized person. I think it might be my perfectionist tendencies creeping through – and the fact that I am rarely thrilled with my wardrobe. Pa... Continue reading


Get Organized Challenge: Celebrate Your Successes
by Sarah Buckwalter - 02-12-2014
Last week, we wrapped up our Get Organized Challenge: 5 Weeks to a More Organized You. Over the course of the challenge we focused on developing 5 healthy organizing habits that, when practiced regularly, can lead you down the path to happily organized. Just to recap, those 5 healthy habits are: Buy less stuff. The less you buy, the less you ha... Continue reading


Get Organized Challenge Week 5: One In, One Out
by Sarah Buckwalter - 02-05-2014
Wow – time flies when you’re working on your organizing super powers! Over the last 4 weeks, we’ve practiced buying less stuff, making sure the stuff you have passes the test, making a home for everything in your home, and cleaning up as you go. We’ve also reminded ourselves that it’s not about being perfect but about practicing new skill... Continue reading


Get Organized Challenge Week 4: Clean Up As You Go
by Sarah Buckwalter - 01-29-2014
Here we are – week 4 of our Get Organized Challenge: 5 Weeks to a More Organized You! By now, you’re buying less stuff, making sure the stuff you have passes the test, and making a home for everything in your home. Or at least you’re working on it. I’m a realist - it’s not about rigidly following these healthy habits 100% of the time – ... Continue reading


Get Organized Challenge Week 3: Make a Home for Everything!
by Sarah Buckwalter - 01-22-2014
It’s hard to believe, but we’re already on Week 3 of our 2014 Get Organized Challenge. If you’d like to catch up, you can check out the first two posts and brush up on the organizing skills we’ve already started practicing: 1) Buy less stuff and 2) Give your stuff the “Do I need it, do I use it, do I love it?” test. We hope you’ve ... Continue reading


Get Organized Challenge Week 2: Does it pass the test?
by Sarah Buckwalter - 01-15-2014
If you’ve been following along with us, you know that last week we decided to kick off 2014 with our Get Organized Challenge: 5 Weeks to a More Organized You. Our plan is to focus on one new organizing skill each week with the goal of getting ourselves into amazing organizational shape. Last week’s challenge/skill was to buy less stuff – t... Continue reading


Take the Get Organized Challenge: 5 Weeks to a More Organized You
by Sarah Buckwalter - 01-08-2014
We thought we’d start off the year with a healthy little dose of organizing inspiration. No, not the “you can makeover your house in a weekend” sort of inspiration, but rather the realistic and effective variety, which we think is a lot more useful. So the truth is, being organized is not about a specific product or storage solution or eve... Continue reading


Last Minute Holiday Gift Ideas
by Sarah Buckwalter - 12-18-2013
If you're still shopping for holiday gifts, or haven't started, a) you're not alone and b) there's still time to make it happen. The key is not to fall victim to buying random stuff that your recipients don't need or want just because you're feeling desperate. Desperation gifts can often turn into gift clutter, and who wants that. Instead, stay foc... Continue reading


Home for the Holidays
by Sarah Buckwalter - 12-11-2013
If you saw our newsletter, you know we've been talking lists and tips, savvy shopping and party preparation to help you cross those holiday tasks off your list. But now that we're in the holiday home stretch, we wanted to remind everyone (including ourselves) that while these next two weeks might be crunch time to finish up your holiday preparatio... Continue reading


Best of Boston!
by Sarah Buckwalter - 12-02-2013
The Organizing Boston team is proud to announce that we have been chosen as the Best of Boston 2014 winner for Professional Organizing. Thank you to our amazing team of organizers and staff and of course to our wonderful clients for this recognition. We love what we do and we hope it shows! Continue reading


The Treadmill
by Sarah Buckwalter - 11-26-2013
Do you sometimes (or always) feel like you’re on a treadmill of chores and to-do’s and you can’t a) get off or b) keep up? I know I do. The “stuff” of life – your home, your family, your job, your friends, even your hobbies – all take some effort to keep up with. Some of this stuff we enjoy, some of it not so much. While we don’t of... Continue reading


Keep Your Head Above Water This Holiday Season
by Sarah Buckwalter - 11-13-2013
Believe it or not, it’s the middle of November, and I don’t know about you, but it feels like the holiday rush is just around the corner. Seems like a good time for a little pre-holiday, crazy busy time of year pep talk to keep us all going! Even if you love the holidays, it can be a busy, stressful time of year. The holidays can add about a mi... Continue reading


Fall Back: What Will Your Do With Your Extra Hour?
by Sarah Buckwalter - 10-30-2013
This weekend, we will “fall back” with the end of Daylight Savings Time on Saturday night. Since we will set the clocks back, we gain an hour of time this weekend! Never mind that we will lose it again when we spring ahead – let’s focus on what you can do with that extra hour of time (besides change all your clocks). So what will you do ... Continue reading


Organizing Challenge: Managing Larger Projects
by Sarah Buckwalter - 10-23-2013
This fall, we've been helping clients with several large organizing projects, ranging from moves to renovations to whole house clean ups and more, which we love to do. But we realize just how daunting large organizing projects can be and we've got some tips if you're faced with your own organizing mountain to climb. With larger projects, it’s... Continue reading


Clever Closet Tricks
by Sarah Buckwalter - 10-16-2013
Sometimes you need a clever little trick to help you with an honest wardrobe review. Here are a few we love to help if you get “hung up.” The “backwards hanger” trick - Hang all of the clothes in your closet the "wrong" way, so that you are hooking the hangers from the back of the rod. If you wear it, hang the item back up the right wa... Continue reading


Product Pick: Name Bubbles
by Sarah Buckwalter - 10-09-2013
It's been a little while since we've done a product pick. I don't know about you, but I just love when something simple makes household organizing just a little bit easier. If you have kids then, you've probably been faced with the task of labeling their stuff, from clothes, to backpacks to water bottles and more. This is not only required by many ... Continue reading


Switching Gears
by Sarah Buckwalter - 09-25-2013
Here in Boston, we're getting our first taste of fall weather. Whether or not you welcome this change, it always seems to happen quickly and can easily catch you off guard. Just like the cooler temps should make you think about switching your closets and drawers so you can find your jeans, sweaters and other toasty items, it's also the right tim... Continue reading


Warm Up Your Closet for Fall
by Sarah Buckwalter - 09-18-2013
With a few very chilly mornings under our belt here in Boston, it's clear that we're heading into fall, a season I happen to love. And with that, comes the need for a seasonal closet review and mostly likely switch. Unless you own very little clothing or have a very large closet, you probably need to store off-season clothing in a less-accessibl... Continue reading


Organizing Challenge: I don't have time to get organized!
by Sarah Buckwalter - 09-11-2013
Even when armed with organizing skills, tips and tricks, and a healthy dose of motivation, you will sometimes encounter organizing challenges that leave you stumped along your journey to a more organized state. This summer, we received quite a few calls from people who wanted to tackle their organizing projects during the "downtime" provided by... Continue reading


Re-purposing Your Space
by Sarah Buckwalter - 09-04-2013
Just because it used to be a formal dining room or a coat closet doesn't mean it has to stay that way if that's not what your household needs. I'm pretty sure several people thought I was crazy when I said we were transforming the formal dining room of our 1950's house into a home office/command center/entryway. But I'm also pretty sure more peo... Continue reading


Back to School Inspiration
by Sarah Buckwalter - 08-28-2013
With some amazing August weather, we've definitely been fighting the back to school bug around here, holding on to every last little bit of summer. But I suppose it's finally time to get our back to school hats on. I just read an amazing back to school post from one of my favorite organizing bloggers, Jen over at iheartorganizing. I was already in ... Continue reading


One Man's Trash...
by Sarah Buckwalter - 08-20-2013
Okay, time for some true confessions. We've had a pile of clunky, less than great stuff in our basement, waiting to be freecycled for a long time...I'm gonna say at least 6 months. It was the type of stuff that was just too bulky and in some cases, junky, to load in my car and take to my usual donation place. But posting on freecycle just wasn't ha... Continue reading


The "Keys" to Success
by Sarah Buckwalter - 08-07-2013
Earlier this summer, we started re-visiting some of our favorite time management tips because let's face it, summer or not, time is a precious resource and most of us never seem to have enough of it! As Peter Walsh points out in his book, Does This Clutter Make My Butt Look Fat?, everyone is busy and some people have just figured out and learned t... Continue reading


Product Pick: The Clear Shoe Box
by Sarah Buckwalter - 07-30-2013
If you asked me what single organizing solution I use more of than anything else in my home, I'd easily be able to tell you it's a simple clear shoe box. Yup, that's it - not that exciting but oh-so-useful. This simple, versatile product pick can help you contain just about any small item you can think of. Product Pick: The Clear Shoe Box ... Continue reading


Two Lists to Help You Get Started
by Sarah Buckwalter - 07-24-2013
I love a good list. They help keep you on track when your brain can't possibly be expected to do so. For me, this is especially true when I'm feeling overwhelmed with how much there is to do. Today, I came across two great lists from one of my favorite blogs, Unclutter.com. The first list offers 10 suggestions on where to get started when f... Continue reading


Product Pick: Martha Stewart Smooth Finish Binder
by Sarah Buckwalter - 07-16-2013
Binders can be a great way to organize the paper in your life. They're especially great for stuff you need to reference fairly frequently. But let's face it, there are binders and then there are binders. And there is definitely something to picking aesthetically pleasing organizing products. Not only does it make your space look better, but it a... Continue reading


Product Pick: Huggable Hangers
by Sarah Buckwalter - 07-09-2013
When it comes to organizing, closets are always a hot topic. After all, we use this space several times a day, and a clean, organized closet is key to getting your day off to a good start. Given that, we wanted to share a product pick that will go a long way toward getting and keeping this space neat and tidy once and for all! Pick of the W... Continue reading


Strategies for a Stress-Free Summer
by Sarah Buckwalter - 07-03-2013
With warm temperatures, no school, and family vacations, summer can be a wonderful chance to unwind and spend quality time with friends and family. But summer also has its organizational challenges thanks to less structured or at least different schedules. Here are some simple ideas for enjoying a less-stressed, more fun summer for the whole fam... Continue reading


Product Pick: Ikea Expedit Shelving
by Sarah Buckwalter - 07-02-2013
As you might imagine, friends, family and clients are often asking us what our favorite organizing products are. After all, we know The Container Store inventory by heart and can put together Ikea furniture with our eyes closed. We're always happy to share what we think works - or as I say "share the organizing love." In that spirit, we're plann... Continue reading


Getting Family Members on Board
by Sarah Buckwalter - 06-27-2013
If you live with other people, chances are you've experienced the difficulty of living with other people's stuff! The reality is, we all have different thresholds for household chaos and clutter. Some spouses and house-mates have very different thresholds, which can make things uncomfortable at times, to say the least. If you're wishing you coul... Continue reading


Organizing Heirloom Jewelry
by Sarah Buckwalter - 06-25-2013
If you have family jewelry or special pieces from your childhood, keeping them safe and organized is key to being able to enjoy and share them. And we know that keeping DIY organizing projects short and simple is often key to getting them done. So here's a simple solution for sorting out your family jewelry. 1. Gather what you have and sort... Continue reading


Time-Saving Tip: Set it and forget it!
by Sarah Buckwalter - 06-19-2013
I can't tell you how many times I've heard someone say, "Summer used to be a slower time of year." It seems that for many people, summer is busier than ever. That's why we thought we'd share some of our favorite time-saving tips to help you stay calm, cool and collected this summer and all year-round. Time-Saving Tip: Set it and forget it! ... Continue reading


Boston Recycling - Hazardous Waste Drop Off
by Sarah Buckwalter - 06-13-2013
Boston residents can safely dispose of hazardous waste for free at upcoming recycling events: June 22 from 9am-2pm at UMASS, Parking Lot D, Dorchester June 29 from 9am-2pm at West Roxbury Public Works Yard, 315 Gardner Street Click here for more details.... Continue reading


Just Say No!
by Sarah Buckwalter - 06-11-2013
What's the easiest way to reduce clutter in your life? Just say no! No to free stuff, no to bargains, no to buying stuff you don't really need, and no to hand-me-downs (if you don't really need them of course). There are two main reasons why focusing on accumulating less is such a successful strategy when it comes to staying clutter free. T... Continue reading


An Easy Project to Downsize Your Files
by Sarah Buckwalter - 06-05-2013
User manuals for everything from your refrigerator to your TV are a bulky, but necessary part of your filing system. Or if you don't have a functional filing system, your user manuals may be stashed in a closet, drawer or who knows where?! They're the type of thing you may or may not ever need but most people choose to keep them for reference. ... Continue reading


Lighten the {Laundry} Load
by Sarah Buckwalter - 06-03-2013
Are piles and piles of laundry getting you down? We wanted to share a few quick tips to lighten up your laundry routine, so you're not spending your whole week tripping over piles of clean, wait, maybe dirty (who knows?!) laundry! 1) Get your laundry on a schedule. If you're one of those people who waits until you've run out of something or... Continue reading


Get Personal with Your Filing System
by Sarah Buckwalter - 05-31-2013
Professional Organizers are often talking about how organizing systems should be personalized because there's usually no one cookie cutter solution that works for everyone. This definitely holds true for filing systems! The same system that's a life saver for one person will paralyze another. But most people don't know there are different o... Continue reading


Get Your To-Do List Done!
by Sarah Buckwalter - 05-29-2013
Boy, it can be tough getting back into the swing of things after a holiday weekend! Your desk may be piled with things you left with an "I'll deal with it when I get back" attitude, and your to-do list is probably over-flowing with incomplete tasks as well. Since completing to-do lists seems to be an elusive task for many of us, we thought we'd ... Continue reading


Remembering What Matters
by Sarah Buckwalter - 05-24-2013
It's Memorial Day weekend and many of us are looking forward to a much-needed break and spending quality time with family and friends. It is also, of course, a time to reflect and say thank you to those who sacrifice to protect all of our freedom. Here at Organizing Boston, we are feeling Watertown and Boston Strong and wanted to thank everyone ... Continue reading


Smart Packing Tips for Summer Travel
by Sarah Buckwalter - 05-22-2013
With the long weekend coming up, we thought we'd share some tips for packing smart (and light) for your summer trips. Do your homework! Find out what will be available where you are staying - think hair dryer, beach towels, bath robes - bulky items that would be better to leave at home if you can. Make a list. Keep a running list and j... Continue reading


Gear Up for Summer
by Sarah Buckwalter - 05-20-2013
It's hard to believe, but Memorial Day weekend is almost here and that means summer is right around the corner! Now's the time to make sure you have a few summer essentials on hand so you can head out and enjoy the nice weather. 1) Sun Smarts - Dig out what you have for sunscreen, bug repellent and summer hats. Throw out expired stuff, make... Continue reading


Wrap Up Your Move
by Sarah Buckwalter - 05-17-2013
Let's face it, there's a lot that goes on when you're moving, especially if you're selling and/or buying a home. A good checklist can help you make sure you're not forgetting any of those big or little tasks. Here are a couple of checklists we like...choose the one that works best for you or use them to help you jot down your own list. Real... Continue reading


Pack Smart
by Sarah Buckwalter - 05-15-2013
'Tis the season...for moving, that is. If you're getting ready to move, packing can be one of the largest and most intimidating parts of the process. We've got a few tips to help you pack smart and take advantage of this prime de-cluttering opportunity so you don't end up moving lots of stuff you don't need! 1. Gather your supplies. If you'... Continue reading


Make Your Move
by Sarah Buckwalter - 05-13-2013
We don't know too many people who love to pack, but if you are getting ready for a move, there are some smart moves you can make to at least take advantage of a prime de-cluttering opportunity and ward off last minute stress. Plan ahead as much as possible. In most cases, a move or home project is not a surprise, and while many of us ar... Continue reading


Happy Mother's Day!
by Sarah Buckwalter - 05-10-2013
We'd like to wish all the moms out there a wonderful Mother's Day weekend! We work with lots of moms out there throughout the year, and one thing's for sure, they're a hard-working crew. So this weekend, don't forget to thank, honor, or otherwise celebrate your mom and all the wonderful things she does. Hint, giving her a break from some of thos... Continue reading


Organizing Tips for New Moms
by Sarah Buckwalter - 05-08-2013
This week, we're all about moms and let's not forget moms-to-be in honor of Mother's Day. Motherhood has a way of throwing your previously organized or at least somewhat manageable life for a loop. But rather than throwing in the towel (or the diaper), new moms should be encouraged by knowing that simple, yet effective organizing tricks can help... Continue reading


Find Your Time!
by Sarah Buckwalter - 05-07-2013
Mother's Day is coming up, which is a great time for all of the busy women and mothers out there to remember to take care of yourselves! In case you hadn't noticed, household and family to-do lists are (or can be) endless, so the solution is not to wait to do something fun until all the chores are done. If you do, you'll be waiting forever, and ... Continue reading


Community Recycling Event - May 11, 2013
by Sarah Buckwalter - 05-03-2013
MBTA Watertown Bus Yard (corner of Water & Galen st) All Towns Welcome Everything is dismantled... Zero landfill impact! Saturday May 11, 2013 10:00AM to 2:00PM Will Not Accept: wood, glass, hazardous materials, paint, tires, liquids, mattresses, carpets, upholstered furniture, styrofoam, fluorescent bulbs, toilets. Please no ho... Continue reading


Organizing Kids’ Closets
by Sarah Buckwalter - 05-01-2013
Kids’ closets can be a black hole of dirty clothes, toys and whatever gets thrown in there at clean up time. You can teach your kids to be organized and clean up after themselves, but they need a good organizational system in place first. Make it user-friendly.  Use open, kid-friendly containers on low shelving so your child can take out an... Continue reading


Organizing Your Kids - Be Prepared
by Sarah Buckwalter - 04-29-2013
Being organized isn’t about having a picture perfect home; it’s about planning and having a routine. Especially with kids, organization is the key to a less stressful day. Taking just a few extra minutes at the end of each day can save you time and stress as you rush out the door each morning. Create a landing zone near your main entrance.... Continue reading


Off Season Clothing Storage
by Sarah Buckwalter - 04-26-2013
Now is the time of year to bring out your spring clothing and put away all those bulky winter duds. When storing your off-season clothing, follow these practical guidelines to avoid damage from insects, mildew and mold. Important Be sure to wash and dry all garments thoroughly before storing. Do not store clothes in plastic bags or airtight co... Continue reading


Shoe Storage Solutions
by Sarah Buckwalter - 04-25-2013
Use Vertical Space – Most people store their shoes on long, low shoe racks. This takes up valuable wall space. Instead, go vertical. Purchase a tall shoe storage cabinet, or use a tall bookcase with doors. Example: Shoe cabinet with 3 compartments or Bookcase with glass-door Hang Them – Use shoe pockets or racks that attach to the back of a ... Continue reading


Organizing a Successful Spring Yard Sale
by Sarah Buckwalter - 04-17-2013
Have you been thinking of decluttering your basement, attic, and garage for years?  Is this the year you will do something about it?  One way to get rid of items you no longer need is to have a yard sale.  And Spring is the perfect time to do it! Our professional organizers can help you.  We can help you to purge items you no longer need, so... Continue reading


Spring Clothing Swap
by Sarah Buckwalter - 04-12-2013
Spring is here! We can finally put away those bulky, itchy winter coats and sweaters and break out the sandals and shorts. Use this opportunity to clean out your closets and de-clutter your wardrobe. The first step is to sort through everything. Get rid of anything you haven’t worn all season, anything that doesn’t fit or anything that is w... Continue reading


Spring Cleaning & Organizing
by Sarah Buckwalter - 04-10-2013
Welcome Spring!  Here is a great list of tips on how to get the most out of your spring cleaning session.  Better Homes and Gardens offers a step-by-step guide for getting your home into shape for spring.  Read on for more...... Continue reading


How to Spring Clean your Closet
by Sarah Buckwalter - 04-05-2013
As the warmer weather arrives, we are getting excited to wear our favorite spring clothes. From tips on how to declutter, donate, and arrange your essentials, we find practical solutions and  inspiration for our closets in this article  from About.com.  Check it out.... Continue reading


Spring has sprung!
by Sarah Buckwalter - 04-02-2013
We look forward to warmer weather, lighter clothing, and outside activities.  As we all prepare our closets for the season change, we offer you some myths about decluttering to consider from the author of The Happiness Project, Gretchen Rubin. One of the realizations she had about happiness while writing her book is that outer order contributes... Continue reading


Reduce your tax time stress by getting organized
by Sarah Buckwalter - 03-28-2013
As the tax deadline approaches, there are many things you can do to ease this sometimes stressful process.  Providing your information to your accountant in an organized manner can save you money in tax preparation costs. You are less likely to miss deductions when you have receipts for all your expenses in a folder. Creating a system for ... Continue reading


Watch us tonight on Hoarding: Buried Alive!
by Sarah Buckwalter - 03-20-2013
Watch us on Hoarding: Buried Alive tonight at 8:00pm on TLC! Organizing Boston's founder Sarah Buckwalter and her team help Valerie clear our her condemned home and save her from being evicted. Continue reading


How to help a hoarder
by Sarah Buckwalter - 03-20-2013
Compulsive hoarding behavior has been associated with health risks, impaired functioning, economic burden, and adverse effects on friends and family members. If you know someone who is a hoarder, here's how to help: Get them or relative to a doctor. People who hoard are not usually motivated to seek professional help as they do not recognize ... Continue reading


Letting go of your emotional attachment to your home to prepare it for sale
by Sarah Buckwalter - 03-14-2013
When preparing your home for sale, it is important for your home to show nicely to a NEW buyer.  While it can be difficult to emotionally detach yourself from your home of possibly many years, it is an important step in the physical preparation process.  We love this article by about.com .  It provides great ideas for getting your home ready to ... Continue reading


When getting your home ready for sale, declutter first!
by Sarah Buckwalter - 03-12-2013
Decluttering your home not only organizes and simplifies your life, but it also adds value to your home.  Storage areas, closets, kitchen and bathroom cabinets will look larger and more attractive to a potential buyer when organized and decluttered.  Here are some tips to help you get started.  Identify problem areas Closets, kitche... Continue reading


Getting ready to put your home on the market for sale?
by Sarah Buckwalter - 03-06-2013
Making small changes can make a big difference De-cluttering and cleaning are the two most important things you can do to get your house ready for showings. Also, adding small touches such as, new bathroom towels, a well-placed bouquet of flowers or an accent color can really liven up your home.  Many of these tips can also apply to making y... Continue reading


Weekend Organizing Project
by Sarah Buckwalter - 03-02-2013
Wish you had a more organized coat closet? Real Simple has a makeover that you can do this weekend. With a little colorful paint and a few organizing containers, you can turn your cluttered coat closet into a dream space. Step 1: Get rid of the unwanted junk. Step 2: Look at what you need to store and determine what size containers you will n... Continue reading


The Closet of your Dreams
by Sarah Buckwalter - 02-25-2013
Seeing all of the beautiful gowns on the Oscars last night inspired us at Organizing Boston to explore how celebrities organize all of their designer clothing and accesories.  We found some great closets in this piece by Architectural Digest.  Click here to see more and get some ideas that may inspire you for your own closet! Continue reading


Spring essentials: Organizing the Home
by Sarah Buckwalter - 02-22-2013
Watch Organizing Boston founder, Sarah Buckwalter, here on NECN delivering tips for Spring home organizing.  Spring is just around the corner and with spring cleaning, comes spring organizing. Clean out those dusty closets, cabinets and drawers and start fresh and new. Here are a few essentials items you’ll need for almost any organizing p... Continue reading


Watch us on Hoarding: Buried Alive tonight at 9:00pm!
by Sarah Buckwalter - 02-20-2013
Tune into TLC (The Learning Channel) tonight at 9:00pm and watch Organizing Boston's founder, Sarah Buckwalter, transform a hoarding disaster zone on Hoarding: Buried Alive. Do you think someone you know might be a hoarder? Here are some signs and symptoms of hoarding: People who hoard have a compulsion to store and hide away items that event... Continue reading


Friday Find: Create Mudroom Storage with Repurposed Furniture
by Sarah Buckwalter - 02-15-2013
We love this idea from HGTV. Using furniture you already have in your home, a new coat of paint and adding your own personal touches such as chalkboard paint, you can create a custom storage chest for your entryway or mudroom.  In the case of the dresser shown here, it works well as it takes up minimal space but, provides loads of storage for eac... Continue reading


Messy Mudroom?
by Sarah Buckwalter - 02-11-2013
After the storm, did you find your home short on space for all the coats, boots and wet mittens? With free-standing Elfa shelving from the Container Store, you can create a mudroom out of a hallway or entrance space. And better yet…it’s on sale! This is the lowest price all year for this fantastic storage solution. Act now – the sale ends tom... Continue reading


Guests on their way over? Here's how to clean up your home fast.
by Sarah Buckwalter - 02-06-2013
We love Good Housekeeping's tips on getting your home in shape for guests in a hurry!  Whether guests are en route to your home, they just left, or you just want to quickly get your place in order for yourself to enjoy, pick a task, any task, for quick tips to fix your place up fast. Continue reading


How Productivity Tools Can Waste Your Time
by Sarah Buckwalter - 02-04-2013
The Wall Street Journal has written a great article regarding productivity tools and how some can take so much time to maintain and use that you end up losing some of your valuable time in the process.   The article also offers great tips on some apps that do help with time management, are easy to use, and methods of implementing such tools tha... Continue reading


Simple Sunday Organizing Projects
by Sarah Buckwalter - 02-03-2013
It's Sunday, you've got a few hours left of your weekend. Why not tackle a simple organizing project and feel accomplished? Real Simple provides us with some Easy Weekend Projects, which are easy to so and will make you feel ready to tackle the week ahead. How would you feel if you could find dinner in the fridge tomorrow night, or scissors in the ... Continue reading


Great Ideas for Repurposing to Organize your Closet!
by Sarah Buckwalter - 01-29-2013
Give common household items a brand-new lease on life. Find out how to reuse picture frames, coat hooks and ice-cube trays to create smart storage solutions. You don't have to spend tons of money to get your closet organized. Follow these tips on how to use what you already have to organize your space.   Continue reading


Baby, It's Cold Outside!
by Sarah Buckwalter - 01-24-2013
The weather outside may be frightful.  That is, unless you’re planning a winter adventure. But it’s the perfect time to organize your home. The shorter days force you inside with hours to burn. Why not spend some of that time organizing your closet, mudroom, kids playroom, or home office. Continue reading


Save Money by Organizing your Fridge
by Sarah Buckwalter - 01-14-2013
 According to Jonathan Bloom, author of “American Wasteland,” the average family of four throws away $2,200 a year in food. Keeping your fridge organized can save you a lot of money in wasted food. Click here to watch our Money Saving Monday video on NECN to see how you can save money by organizing your fridge. 5 Refrigerator Organizing Ti... Continue reading


5 Steps to Get Organized in the New Year
by Sarah Buckwalter - 01-11-2013
Organizing Boston's founder, Sarah Buckwalter, contributed this article to save.com yesterday. We hope it will help you get organized this year! Did you know getting organized can help you with all of your New Year's resolutions? Being organized will free up the time and energy you need to tackle the other things on your list. Being ... Continue reading


Feng Shui your Desk for Success in 2013!
by Sarah Buckwalter - 01-02-2013
This morning, Sarah Buckwalter appeared on NECN to show you how to Feng Shui your desk for a more successful career and work-life. Click here to watch the video. Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese practice of arranging your environment so that energy or “chi” flo... Continue reading


Organizing Your Holiday Trip
by Sarah Buckwalter - 12-18-2012
The first step to organizing your holiday trip is to plan ahead. This doesn’t just mean booking your flight months ahead of time or planning your drive route. You will of course want to do these things but you also want to plan the travel plans for your gifts. If you have any large gifts you should try to ship them ahead of time or order onl... Continue reading


Holiday Organizing Fab Find
by Sarah Buckwalter - 12-10-2012
We love this elfa gift wrap cart from our favorite store: The Container Store! We love it even more since it appeared last week on one of our favorite TV shows: Modern Family. Keep all your wrapping, ribbons, tape and scissors in one place. This is entirely customizable. Make it work for you! Roll it to the table where you're doing the wrappi... Continue reading


Get Organized for the Holidays!
by Sarah Buckwalter - 12-05-2012
  Imagine having time to relax and enjoy the holidays this year. The secret is just a little planning and preparation. Create a holiday planner. Use a basic multi-subject notebook. Create sections for gift lists, holiday card lists, menu planning, decorating, coupons, etc. Bring it with you everywhere, so you can always reference it or ... Continue reading


Shop Small, Save Big!
by Sarah Buckwalter - 11-23-2012
Give someone the gift of an organized life...and support your local small business Organizing Gift Certificates are available! Buy now and get an extra hour of free organizing with each gift certificate purchase. Offer good through 11/30/12.   Continue reading


Organize Yourself for Black Friday!
by Sarah Buckwalter - 11-21-2012
Be prepared for the Black Friday shopping madness this year! Pick up an Accordion Organizer and get all your coupons, gift cards and store credit cards into one place. Organize them alphabetically by store and retrieving them will be a snap! Keep it in your purse and you won’t ever have to run to your car (or worse, home) for that forgotten coupo... Continue reading


Time for that Seasonal Clothing Switch
by Sarah Buckwalter - 11-15-2012
Brrrr, it’s getting cold out there…and it’s only going to get colder! If you’re still digging through your shorts and t-shirts to find a sweater, it’s time for the seasonal clothing switch! First, go through everything; closets and drawers. Are there bins in the attic? Use this time as an opportunity to assess and get rid of clothes th... Continue reading


Shop Smart for Thanksgiving
by Sarah Buckwalter - 11-14-2012
With Thanksgiving right around the corner, it’s time to start planning your Thanksgiving shopping. You can save time and money by shopping your pantry first. The key to “shopping” your pantry is to figure out what ingredients you already have. First, make a list of everything you’ll need. Then, cross off anything that’s already in you... Continue reading


Mid Week Find: The Sliding Dorm Storage Tower
by Sarah Buckwalter - 10-01-2012
This Sliding Dorm Storage Tower is perfect for the college student strapped for space in a small dorm room. This unit's wheels move around with ease and it's compact size allows it to fit into little corner nooks, well out of the way. To learn more about this item click here. Continue reading


Friday Find: Honey Can Do Back to School Home Organization Kit
by Sarah Buckwalter - 09-07-2012
This organizer is perfect for college kids out there looking to organize their dorm room and open up some space in tight quarters. With this simple organizer time wasted looking for clothing and shoes can be spent studying and participating in extra-curricular activities. Find more information about it by clicking here.   Continue reading


Friday Find: Melody Magnetic Organizer Bin
by Sarah Buckwalter - 08-31-2012
    An organized locker is a just a snap away with this magnetic organizer bin. Your child can keep their pencils, pen, markers, and calculator from getting lost in the depths of their locker. Click here to learn more about this product.                 Continue reading


Tuesday Tip: Organizing your Child's Notebook
by Sarah Buckwalter - 08-27-2012
Our resident student organization expert and former teacher, Tim Unkert, M. Ed., has the following tips:   1. Use index dividers with tabs, for easy labeling, to set up your child’s notebook with clear sections for tests, quizzes, notes, and homework. 2. Place materials in the appropriate section in chronological order. 3. Spend a... Continue reading


Tuesday Tip: Buying the Right School Supplies
by Sarah Buckwalter - 08-21-2012
With August coming to an end, it’s time for Organizing Boston’s Back to School Series.  Our goal is to help parents prepare their children for the rigors of the coming school year with some helpful organizing ti... Continue reading


Tuesday Tip: Shop Your House Before You Hit the Stores
by Sarah Buckwalter - 06-25-2012
I heard a great reminder on The Nate Berkus Show this morning about shopping your house for items you can re-purpose before you hit the stores. And while I may not be able to DIY an old table into a design marvel (though I really wish I could), as an organizer, I couldn't agree more with this common-sense-but-we-could-all-use-a-reminder tip! Good... Continue reading


Tuesday Tip: Get Your To-Do List To-Done
by Sarah Buckwalter - 06-05-2012
A recent survey conducted by LinkedIn confirmed what many of us already knew. That daily to-do list you make often doesn't get done! And your profession may have something to do with it. Check out this brief article summarizing the findings. Since completing to-do lists seems to be an elusive task, here are a couple of tips to help turn your to-d... Continue reading


Tuesday Tip: Don't Overload Your Plate!
by Sarah Buckwalter - 06-04-2012
If you checked out Friday's post, you'll know I talked about re-usable plates to help keep cookout clutter at bay. Well, today I'm happy to report that thanks to my wonderful family, I now have my very own set of Crate & Barrel marimekko melamine plates and even a tray to match for my birthday - yeah! Here they are... But today I wanted to g... Continue reading


Friday Find: Curb Cookout Clutter
by Sarah Buckwalter - 05-25-2012
Memorial Day weekend traditionally represents the start of the summer season - yeah! For many households, this means weekends filled with parties and cookouts and family fun. But don't let your cupboards and pantries become overrun with plastic cups, paper plates and enough plastic silverware to feed an army. Having a mess of partially used package... Continue reading


Tuesday Tip: Containing Toy Clutter
by Sarah Buckwalter - 05-22-2012
Toy storage is one of those great organizational challenges that comes along with having kids! Since toys are meant to be played with, they are often out and about. The key to keeping your house from looking like total toy chaos is quick & easy clean-up. For your family's designated play room or your kids' rooms, shelves or cubbies with easy ac... Continue reading


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