Before and After

See our amazing transformations from chaos to calm.

  • Home Office
    This room was overrun with kids toys, papers and junk. We cleared the clutter, installed an Elfa desk system and transformed this room into a stylish, functional home office.

  • Closets
    This entry-way closet was shared by two adults and three children. By adding shelving and wire drawers, the children's school supplies, backbacks, shoes and sports equipment can be stored here and is easy for them to access. We also added magnetic dry erase boards on the door (one for each child) to keep track of any important events or notices.

  • Children's Room
    We transformed this messy children's room into a clean and functional space.

  • Garage
    This garage belongs to a very active family of six! Each family member has their own bike, golf clubs, rollerblades, hockey equipment, etc!

    By taking everything off the floor and using the vertical wall space, not only could they fit all the sports equipment in the garage, they could fit their cars, too!

  • Living Room
    Home Staging focuses on improving your property to make it appeal to the largest number of buyers by transforming it into a welcoming, appealing, and attractive product for sale. Staging often raises the value of a property by way of reducing the home's flaws, depersonalizing, decluttering, cleaning, improving condition items, and landscaping. For vacant homes, rental furniture is used to create a living space the buyer could "see" themselves in. Staging leads the eye to attractive features while minimizing flaws.

  • Corporate Office Cubicle

  • Corporate Office

  • Coat & Storage

  • Bachelor Pad Living Room

  • Bedroom

  • Bedroom Closet

  • Bathroom

  • Basement

  • Craft Room

  • Garage Shelves

  • Garage with Shelving

  • Hoarding

  • Hoarding Dining Room

  • Hoarding Living Room

  • Hoarding

  • Home Office

  • Home Office Bookshelves

  • Home Office

  • Home Office Shelving

  • Home Office with Ikea

  • Home Office with Elfa Shelving

  • Kitchen Pantry

  • Linen Closet

  • Office Cubicle

  • Real Estate Office

  • School Storage Room

  • School Supply Closet

  • Teacher's Room

  • Unpacking a Garage

  • Unpacking after a Move

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